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Estate Yangon specializes in providing services to developers and investors who are seeking investment opportunities in Myanmar's booming real-estate sector. We specifically target foreign investors and Multi-national Corporations that want to develop industrial estate and factories in Special Economic Zones across the country. We also provide office space for foreign companies based in Yangon as well as rental accommodation for international expats.
It is our pleasure to recommend Estate Yangon as an excellent real estate services provider for residential and commercial projects in Myanmar. Estate Yangon successfully brokered commercial transactions worth over US$ 30 million for us in Yangon, Myanmar. Estate Yangon is well-connected and skillful at negotiation, helping foreign investors to successfully complete transactions with local landowners in Myanmar.

Max H. Talcott
Business Development Director
Four Rivers Inya Office Co., Ltd.

Estate Yangon has successfully brokered the land rental on the corner of Wayzandar Road and Yadanar Road for the upcoming Volkswagen Showroom in Yangon.

Michael Rudenmark;
Managing Director
Automotive at Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd
Myanmar's real-estate market is one of the most promising sectors in the country that can generate quick returns for foreign investors. The rising middle-class population in Myanmar has created an enormous and expanding market in real estate business. As Myanmar foresees an influx of foreign expats in the near future and allowing foreigners to buy condo rooms encourage the investor to invest in booming residential and commercial projects in Yangon and Mandalay, two major commercial cities in Myanmar.

Over the next few years, Myanmar expects a surge in more residential buildings, shopping malls, and hotels. Migration of the population from rural to urban areas is also influencing both local government and central government to develop new housing projects and industrial estates to accommodate this change and create more employment opportunities in the country.